Edge of Dock Leveler 
• 20,000 Lbs. Capacity
• Self-storing handle
• Bumper and bumper blocks included
• Positioned by lifting a self-storing handle and pulling it to the dock floor
• Latch assembly activates the lip forward to the floor of the trailer as handle is lifted
• Automatically returns to stored position when truck leaves
• Optimum dock height is 51” (refrigerated lip is optional)

Bluff Edge of Dock Levelers
Aluminum Dockplates 
• For use with manual pallet jacks & hand trucks
• Bolt-on Steel Legs for a secure position between dock and trailer
Aluminum Dockboards
• For use with Forklifts
• Full-length Structural Bolt-on Curbs 
Dockboards, Aluminum Dockboards
Steel Dockboards
• For use with Forklifts
• "SC" Model Includes Lifting Chain & Steel Plate with Bolt-on curbs
• "T" Model includes All-Welded Construction, Fold-Down Lifting Loops, & Pin Pockets

Bluff Steel Dockboards, Bluff Dock Boards
Bluff Dock Boards, Steel Dockboards
  • In Stock in Charlotte, NC, Fot Worth, Texas
  • Available for Immediate Shipment or Pick Up
  • Can Ship From Either Location
  • Call or Send an Email for a Quick Freight Quote
A36363238 lb. Capacity36" x 36"64$342.46NC, TX, PA, 60
A48364383 lb. Capacity48" x 36"79$423.23NC, TX, PA, 60
A48482388 lb. Capacity48" x 48"99$521.23NC, TX, PA, 60
A48601656 lb. Capacity48" x 60"118$619.23NC, TX, PA, 60
A60365297 lb. Capacity60" x 36"87$505.08NC, TX, PA, 60
B48366265 lb. Capacity48" x 36"93$537.38NC, TX, PA, 60
B48484532 lb. Capacity48" x 48"122$683.85NC, TX, PA, 60
ModelDescriptionSizeWeightCat PriceFOBClass
20EP6620,000 lb. Capacity66"505$1,073.00NC, TX, PA, 60
20EP7220,000 lb. Capacity72"545$1,169.00NC, TX, PA, 60
AC603610,000 lb. Capacity60" x 36"127$675.00NC, TX, PA, 60
AC604810,000 lb. Capacity60" x 48"165$875.00NC, TX, PA, 60
AC606010,000 lb. Capacity60" x 60"202$1,075.00NC, TX, PA, 60
AC607210,000 lb. Capacity60" x 72"240$1,250.00NC, TX, PA, 60
BC604815,000 lb. Capacity60" x 48"201$1,099.00NC, TX, PA, 60
BC606015,000 lb. Capacity60" x 60"247$1,350.00NC, TX, PA, 60
ACLCLifting Chains  $80.00NC, TX, PA, 60
10SC603610,000 lb. Capacity60" x 36"207$699.00NC, TX, PA, 60
10SC604810,000 lb. Capacity60" x 48"276$825.00NC, TX, PA, 60
10SC606010,000 lb. Capacity60" x 60"345$975.00NC, TX, PA, 60
15T604815,000 lb. Capacity60" x 48"430$1,110.00NC, TX, PA, 60
15T606015,000 lb. Capacity60" x 60"540$1,299.00NC, TX, PA, 60
15T607215,000 lb. Capacity60" x 72"625$1,499.00NC, TX, PA, 60
15T726015,000 lb. Capacity72" x 60"625$1,425.00NC, TX, PA, 60
15T727215,000 lb. Capacity72" x 72"720$1,625.00NC, TX, PA, 60
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Bluff Dock Plates, Bluff Dock Boards, Dockplates, Dockboards, Bluff Dock Equipment
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Free Material Handling Catalog
Bluff Dock Plates, Bluff Dock Boards, Dockplates, Dockboards, Bluff Dock Equipment
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