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Pallet Jack
​48'' x 27''
5,500lbs Cap.
In Stock

Price:  $275.00

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2011 Most Popular Products!
  • Our pallet jacks are in stock in four locations and on sale for $275.00
  • Magliner Gemini hand trucks are regaurded as the best in the industry
  • Tyco Electronics among other companies love the ergonomics of the ergo lift for roll handling
  • Dock boards are in stock in four locations and also on sale
  • Rivet shelving is boltless, easy to assemble and heavy duty to store all types of product
  • Johnson Controls has around 30 ergo skid lifts in their facility used for unloading product on line
Magliner Gemini's
Gemini Jr
Gemini Sr
In Stock

Price:  $299.00 $329.00

MXE Ergolifter
​330lbs Cap.'
59'' Lift Height
1-2  Weeks Ship

Price:  $2,095.00

B&P Dockboard
​60'' x 48'' Aluminum
10,000lbs Capacity
In Stock

Price:  $699.00

Ergo Skid Lift
​3,000lbs Capacity
Electric Lift
1-2  Weeks Ship

Price:  $2,395.00

Pallet Rack Teardrop
​Beam 8' Long, 5,050lbs
Upright 12'H x 42''D
In Stock

Price:  $27.00  $79.00

Phenolic Caster
​5'' x 2'', 800lbs Cap.
4'' x 4-1/2'' Plate
In Stock

Price:  $14.00

​Rivet Shelving
​48''W x 24''D x 84''H
4 Shelves w/ Board
In Stock

Price:  $229.00