Nexel Chrome Posts, Wire Shelving Posts
Wire Shelves, Chrome Wire Shelves, Nexel Wire Shelves, Wire Shelving, Nexel Shelves, Metro Shelves, Wire Shelf
Nexel Wire Shelving, WIre Shelving, Metro Wire Shelving, Wire Shelving, Chrome Wire Shelving
• Easy assembly without tools
• Wire Shelves hold 600-1000 lbs.
• Wire Shelves adjust on 1” increments
• Nexel Shelving is Interchangeable with other brands
Build Your Own Unit
Starter Unit = 4 Posts + Desired number of shelves
Add-on Unit = 2 Posts + Desired number of shelves + 2 S-Hooks for each level
Carts = Add 1 set of Casters (CA5SBR shown below)
Nexel Shelving, Nexel Wire Shelving, Wire Shelving, Metro Shelving, Chrome Wire Shelving
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14"$11.65 $14.45 $15.75 $17.10 $18.85 $20.65 $22.50 $25.60
18"$15.40 $16.15 $17.50 $20.20 $22.50 $26.50 $26.70 $31.40
21"$16.65 $18.85 $20.65 $23.80 $24.70 $27.90 $30.55 $35.00
24"$19.35 $20.65 $22.30 $25.15 $26.90 $31.50 $34.15 $40.00
ModelDescriptionSizeWeightFOBClassLead TimeSale PricePurchase
P33CChrome Post33"2New York, Nevada, Georgia7048 Hours$9.77 
P54CChrome Post54"3New York, Nevada, Georgia7048 Hours$10.62 
P63CChrome Post63"3.5New York, Nevada, Georgia7048 Hours$11.04 
P74CChrome Post74"4New York, Nevada, Georgia7048 Hours$12.10 
P86CChrome Post86"5New York, Nevada, Georgia7048 Hours$13.80
ModelDescriptionSizeWeightFOBClassLead TimeSale PricePurchase
J9985Split SleevesPack of 4 New York, Nevada, Georgia7048 Hours$2.29 
J9995ZS HookPack of 4 New York, Nevada, Georgia7048 Hours$1.15 
J5Caster5" New York, Nevada, Georgia7048 Hours$15.29 
J5BCaster with Brake5" New York, Nevada, Georgia 48 Hours$18.90 
JDD18CShelf Divider18" New York, Nevada, Georgia7048 Hours$10.19 
JDD24CShelf Divider24" New York, Nevada, Georgia7048 Hours$12.53 
J9993ZFootplate  New York, Nevada, Georgia 48 Hours$4.16
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